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Sewage Disposal:

Permits and approvals are issued in accordance with North Carolina sewage disposal rules and are required for new construction, repairs, alterations of existing systems, and prior to the issuance of building permits.  Appropriate permits must be obtained and applicable fees paid prior to construction or repair of any system.

Application Process:

1. Application for improvement/construction authorization permit completed and submitted.  Fees and system size are based on the number of bedrooms (residential) or facility (commercial) proposed. 

(a)  Plat of property required.  Plat must be legible.  If property has never been surveyed (old family land), a deed and site plan are needed.  Site plan should include location of house, driveways, wells, and any right-of-ways or easements.

(b)  House and/or any other structures such as garages, out buildings, or multiple housing should be noted on the lot with flagging and/or stakes. 

(c)  Lot should be accessible for an evaluation.

(d)  Property lines should be marked and pinned.  If the lot is in a subdivision, the lots should be numbered, visible from the road, and match those on the plat.  If the lot is not in a subdivision, some kind of marking, flagging, or sign should be placed on the edge of the road/property that allows the environmental health staff to identify it.

2.  Test/backhoe pits: If an applicant applies for four or more sites at once, we will require test holes for a soil evaluation.  Also in the event that rock, weathered rock, or poor soil is found test holes will also be required. These pits will be dug at the applicants expense not the county. 

Permitting Process:

1.  Once the property has been evaluated the property will be approved or denied.
 2.  If approved the improvement/construction authorization permit (ip/ca) indicates the site is suitable for the proposed house, building, or facility.

     (a)  ip/ca is a detailed overview of the site.  The applicant will receive a design of the site including: system type, size, trench length, trench depth, house placement, house size, driveway location, and possible well location.  The ip/ca must be signed prior to copying and release. 

      (b)  ip/ca is the permit required prior to any building permit, or release of power from the electrical company. 
      (c)  ip/ca is the permit needed for an installer to give an estimate / quote.  Note:  an installer should not begin construction without a copy of the ip/ca in hand.  Any questions, please call prior to construction.
      (d) This permit will stay on file under the applicant’s name/subdivisions lot number for five years.  Upon expiration, the lot will no longer have a permit.  Renewal of an expired permit will be handled as a new application.
3.  If denied the applicant will receive a denial letter explaining when the property was evaluated, what size of home and number of bedrooms applied for, lot conditions, and soil characteristics.  The denial letter will state the rights of the applicant and options for proceeding.

4.  Operations permit (op)

      (a)  If the system requires a pump the system will not receive an op, nor will the home receive a certificate of occupancy, until the pump has been tested and approved.

      (b)  If the system is installed prior to the completion of the home a walk through of the home and visual inspection of the drain field area will be completed prior to the issuance of an operations permit.  If changes have been made without approval such as, but not limited too:  the addition of bedrooms, house site changed, property lines changed, well locations changed, driveways changed, system area impacted by fill dirt  the ip/ca/op  will be suspended or revoked. 
      (c)  An operations permit will be issued after all requirements of installation, final walk through of the house and property, or pump checks are completed.



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