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Clay County Checklist of Septic Systems

1. Conventional Gravel System - System widely used throughout the State of North Carolina . Due to increased technology in system types, no longer used much in the mountain counties. Why? Gravel systems take up a larger footprint on the site and are more labor intensive to install.

2. Innovative and Experimental Systems

(a) Plastic Chambers (25 % Reduction System)

  1. Infiltrator
  2. Biodiffuser
  3. Envirochamber
  4. Cultec Contactor

(b) Polystyrene aggregate (25% Reduction System)

  1. EEEZZZ Flow Drain Co.

(c) Tire Chip aggregate

(d) Drip Irrigation

  1. American Manufacturing Co. “Perc-Rite”
  2. Geoflow

(e) Pretreatment/ATU's
       Sand, Peat, Biological Filters
       Various manufactures listed on the states website with NSF-40, TS-I, TS-II     approvals.

*NOTE: 25% Reduction is a reduction in the total linear footage of a gravel system.

3. Gravelless Systems

(a) Large Diameter Pipe 8” and 10”

(b) Prefabricated permeable block panel system (PPBS)



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